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Iron man armor costume cases

In Katar: 
Iron man armor costumes are our star armour suit,we can customized as our clients’ demands.This client already imported two Iron man costumes,but he thinks their type is not perfect,at last,he chose us and imported Iron man MK42 and MK7 armor suit from us,and also we did some changes as his requirement,he is very satisfied. 

In Canada: 
This client who do the TV program and need Iron man costume performance to make the atmosphere hot.He need the come would be flexible and can dance on stage,I advised he choose the Iron man 7,but he did not like our standard Iron man 7 suit,then our designer painted a designer paper as his demands and ideas and finished his one.

In South Africa: 
This client who come from South Africa and imported two costumes:Optimus Prime Transformers   costume and Iron man armor costume MK6.As you know,Optimus Prime Transformers  costumes and Bumblebee Transformer costumes are always our classical and hot products. He is  satisfied  with our costumes and now we are talking about the SA agent.
Iron man armor costume
They did a big activity for the Iron man MK6 and adult Optimus Prime costumes for families and got a great success.People all liuke this good idea and glad to play with the superhero.