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New finished Optimus Prime armor costume. let`s ship for our dear client soon.

New finished Optimus Prime armor costume. let`s ship for our dear client soon. Today is really a wonderful day, we have finished a big order from our ...

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Some feedback for lisaurus dinosaur costume from our clients

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Lisaurus New products armour costume with inner support .

Lisurus Tech is a professional supplier and manufacture for kinds ofarmour costume for some hot movie roles , like Transformers 3 & 4, Iron man, Star ...

Dinosaur 'Romeo and Juliet' Found Buried Together

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Good reviews from our clients

>> One customer from France who are managed in bigggest club in France. He is very satisfied with our job and costumes. Maybe he is our important customer.

>>One customer from USA buy one customzied costume from us. He is very satisfied with our design and job.

>>This customer ordered one Transformers Megatron costume from our company,he was satisfied with our process and quality.Awesome.

Megatron robot costume

>>This is a client who comes from Chile,he is a cool man and always sent the email only with the important things,never share his life,so we are appreciate to get this email,that means he is satisfied with our service.He import an Bumblebee and Optimus Prime costume,and I saw that he held an wonderful event from his facebook.

>>This is our regular client who is very polite and gentlemanlike.he is owner of movie props company,and already import a suit of Star wars costumes with 20 suits of storm Troopers costumes and five suits of C-3PO and BB-8 costumes.He is always satisfied with our  quality and service.As our regular client we will shoot the video for every suit to tells him how to wear it and help them to solve any problem about the costumes in any time.We believe good service is our best attraction.

>>This client who comes from America,and he import an Iron man costume,He is a Iron man fans and enthusiastic with everything about the Iron man,Of course,he is very excited that he can COSPLAY Iron man who most loves the movie role.

>>This America client who is engaged in a event planning company and imported a dinosaur costume.He have a cooperation with dinosaur park which is opened in a few months,and the boss need a good publicity for their dinosaur park,we advise he can make the leaflet to distribute by the dinosaur costume and make the performance in the street,even shoot the funny dinosaur video to propagandize.There is no doubt ,he got success and good effect. And in November we are talking about the next order about the dinosaur ride.

>>This is an America client who is our new client,he owns a park and often imports the animatronic dinosaur and other animatronic products.Last time,he imported a T-rex aimatronic dinosaur from another dinosaur supplier,however,he can not contact the that company after-sales service workers when his dinosaur has problems.Then he contacted us and we helped him to solve this problem.This time he imported a dinosaur from us and sent the than-you note to us.

>>This client who do the kids party and events planning.He imported the Transformers and Strom trooper costume from us.You can find that he is very satisfied with our costumes from the whatsapp chatting records.

>>This client who come from America,he is also my first client when I do this job.He imported a raptor dinosaur costume.At the beginning,he thinks our dinosaur costumes are too expensive,after I introduced our advantages and our high custom ablity,he gave us an image and told us he want a same one like that picture.We promised and did it.Now he is very satisfied with our open legs raptor dinosaur costumes.We will follow him until he thinks everything is ok.

>>This client who comes from UK and wants a colorful robot bird,as he gave us an image and hope we can design and make a same one just like he want.Obviously,we succeed.After he got the product,he wrote a feedback to me for this robot costume and told me,he was very thankful for us and made a costume he really wanted.We are happy to help him,as you know,our company culture aim:we are always committed to make your any imaginations come true.We did it.
>>This client who coe from China.She helps her Hongkong customer to purchase our 2.5m heigh Bumblebee 3 costume.This client is 190cm tall,so we customize as his body size.Now he is satisfied with our costume.

>>This client who comes from Singapore and bought three costumes from us,Optimus Prime,Iron man and Stromtroopers.She buy them for rental and get a good effect.