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Чэнду Junli Lisaurus Tech, ООО
Тел. / Факс: + 86 28 61532512
Мобильный телефон (WhatsApp): + 86-187-8215-0719
E-почта: office@lisaurus.com
Скайп: lisatang2008
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Новости компании

Новое применение яиц динозавра в магазине2018-02-07

Our new dinosaur egg feedback, you can install it in the store and give people a surprise. As the show illustrated: Более

Уведомление о празднике праздника Весны от Lisaurus2018-01-31

Hello everybody,I am Charlotte.As you know,we do various of robot costumes,such as Transformers costumes,Aliens costumes,Ironman costumes and dinosa...Более

Трансформаторы Bumblebee 5 Робот-костюмы со светодиодами для продажи2018-01-25

Transformers Bumblebee 5 Robot costumes with led lights for sale Transformers 5 was released in 2017. The bumblebee inside the movie is especially lov...Более

Lisaurus новое прибытие 8.2 футов пользовательский робот костюм2018-01-17

Hello everyone,I am Chrlotte.Today I want to share our new costume:8 feets custom robot costume. We changed our Bumblebee suit,make the bule color and...Более

Веселого Рождества и счастливого Нового года2017-12-21

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year bright with joy and success. Best wishes for you and your family. Transformers armor costumes wou...Более

Новое прибытие 100% настраиваемый костюм идёт2017-12-13

This is Israel client who want a black templar space marine and give us a video.and tell us this is what he want.We studied the video and make a same ...Более

Ааа0 стекловолокно, Добро пожаловать в Высокий пользователь2017-12-07

We are professional factory to do various of simulation animals,fiberglass or with simulation fur.We have professional designers and we can totally cu...Более

Костюмы трансформаторов-огненные продажи.2017-11-14

Transformers costumes are fiery sales.Transformers robot costumes are always our hot sale series suits.As of today,we can do 2m tall,2.3m tall and 2....Более

Высокотаможенные восковые фигуры со стоимостью изготовления2017-11-07

Highly customs Wax figures with manufacture price We are China wax statue manufacturer,With us,you can get: 1.Wholesale factory price 2.Made of Silic...Более

Хэллоуин приезжает в 20172017-10-31

Halloween is coming in 2017 Halloween is a grand monster cosplay-based festival. People around the world will celebrate it in a different way. Many pe...Более

Новое прибытие 2, 5 м2017-10-30

Hello everyone,as you know,we are Kid Birthday Party Supplies,our new Bumblebee costume is coming.It is an2.5m tall robot costume.We make it according...Более

Торговый центр2017-10-26

Shopping mall with Transformers costume Robot costume may be a unique idea for shopping mall. If it is the anniversary of the mall or large-scale fest...Более

Новый костюм Железный человек на Хэллоуин и Рождество2017-10-20

As you know,we can custom various of robot costumes.Transformers costumes series and Iron man costume series are always our star series suits. Here is...Более

Отзывы покупателей2017-10-13

Last week, one customer from France received our bumblebee costume. They will use it for car exhibition. They are the largest event planning company i...Более

Пчела с индикаторами2017-10-09

Bumblebee with led lights Our bumblebee costume with more led lights. Many customers will use our robot costume in kinds of events. We can make robot ...Более

Костюм динозавра на Хэллоуин для продажи2017-10-07

If you have one dinosaur costume in your halloween party, that’s very awesome. they'll love stomping around in a viciously cute T-Rex costume. What’...Более

Ааа0-дневное уведомление о национальном дне2017-09-29

Hello,everyone.This is Lisaurus Charlotte.Here is a notice about our Holiday vacation: Because of National Day,we have 8 days for vacation from 1st-8t...Более

Стандартный номер2017-09-28

Description This beautiful white ife-sized fiber glass horse was alone. May be used as a store show and garden decoration. The usefulness of this item...Более

Костюм Оптимус Прайм и пчела2017-09-17

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Cosplay Costume Optimus prime and bumblebee cosplay costume are usually used for all kinds of events. In order to meet cus...Более

Halloween Party Transformers Robot Costume Adults for Events2017-09-14

Halloween Party Transformers Robot Costume Adults for Events Our transformers robot costumes are usually used for kind of events,like halloween, parti...Более