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Company News

New product-2.5m Bumbleebee Armour Costume With Our Own Design.2016-10-11

New product-2.5m Bumbleebee Armour Costume With Our Own Design. Here we have a very good news to share with all of our clients , our designer and engi...More

Lisaurus New products armour costume with inner support .2016-10-10

Lisurus Tech is a professional supplier and manufacture for kinds ofarmour costume for some hot movie roles , like Transformers 3 & 4, Iron man, Star ...More

Ninja turtle is coming!2016-10-04

Since 1990 the American movie ninja turtles have been made for four sections. story of four New York skilled ninja turtle to combating crime . Have y...More

How to choose Armour suit? How about EVA material armour costume? Is it trustworthy2016-10-03

How to choose Armour suit? How about Eva material armour costume? Is it trustworthy Christmas is coming, if you have not yet made a decision to choos...More

The origin of dinosaur introduction2016-10-02

Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the clade Dinosauria that first appeared during Triassic period. Although the exact origin and timing of t...More

Warcraft is coming!2016-10-01

Did you see the movie: Warcraft?Did you ever play this computer game:Warcarft? It is really hot movie and game in China,and it has taken 147.2 million...More

New Product share with all of you . Lisaurus Transformers Bumblebee 4 VS EVA animatronic dinosaur co2016-09-30

Lisaurus New product-2016 New Designed Bumblebee 4 plus Costume VS Realistic Dinosaurs Monsters Hello everybody, here we are happy to introduce you a ...More

Lisaurus company new website was built with armour costume and dinosaur products.2016-09-28

Hello,everybody!This is Junli Lisaurus Tech Co.,Ltd, here today we introduce you our updated website. This time we integrate our core competences prod...More